• micromanage-thumbnail2Micromanage is a corporate-themed, social card game for 2-6 players. Players act as middle managers, hiring employees to maximize productivity and completing goals to earn Gold Stars. The player with the most Gold Stars at the end of the game wins!
  • prism-thumbnailPrism is a mostly cooperative adventure for up to five wizards. The wizard faction you are at war with has captured and imprisoned you in magical confinement. Activate the portal and defeat the guardian before the other wizards extract enough information from you to win the war!


Whether we are poking fun at hallowed institutions, spreading our love of science, or just sharing our passion for a particular subject, each game we design must be fun first and foremost. We will never sacrifice fun to theme or mechanics.


While we won’t always make kid-friendly games, we will strive to be as inclusive as possible. We probably won’t make an RPG about a level 9 wizard facing off against a level 12 mage in a chess tournament, because some of us hate that sort of game.


We’ve spent some nights together, just reading rules and trying to set up a game and never quite making it. That isn’t fun. We probably won’t always succeed the first time, but we’ll try to make our rules easy to understand and our setup quick, so you can have fun!


Galvanized Studios is on a mission to provide accessible, provocative, and fun games at affordable prices. We will never release a game that we don’t think is great. We are gamers making games.

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